"BRONYA" FIRE PROTECTION was specially designed to increase the fire resistance of metal from 45 minutes to 120 minutes. The method of using a fire retardant is called passive protection and is included in the set of measures for fire safety.                                   Advantages of the coating "BRONYA" fire protection

durability (over 30 years) indoors;

high rates of fire retardant properties;

one-component composition that does not need to be mixed in a mixer;

low consumption at low cost;

the possibility of tinting without deterioration in performance;

blocking and suppression of flame near the protected surface.

Before applying to metal, the surface must be cleaned and degreased, and then it must be treated with an anti-corrosion primer. To apply .. Armor '' fire protection, tools such as a roller, spray gun, brush are used. With the help of a spray gun, work goes faster. The paint must be applied in several layers, while the thickness of one layer should not exceed 1 mm. Each subsequent layer is applied only after the previous one has completely dried. The dyeing process should take place at positive temperatures.

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