The group of companies Volgograd Innovation Resource Center (VIRC) produces and sells all over the world unique paint and varnish and liquid ceramic thermal insulation materials that successfully compete with global and domestic brands. Own production, high-quality imported raw materials from leaders of the chemical industry,

An excellent team of professionals allows us to offer our clients an exclusive line of modifications of the Bronya ultrathin heat insulators. High quality of products is one of the main priorities of the company. The products of our company are widely represented by the forces of a developed dealer network.

   Liquid ceramic heat-insulating materials are currently presented on the world and Russian markets, which find their consumer, thanks to a wide range of applications and ease of use with low labor costs. The products of our company are environmentally friendly, preserve the architectural features of buildings, and the result is a reduced consumption of thermal energy, imparting incombustibility to the coated material, and an increase in the service life of structures and the heat-insulating material itself.

The problem lies not only in the emissions of harmful substances and the depletion of the ozone layer, but also in the "heating" of the environment. By 2050, the countries of the European Union plan to become completely carbon neutral. The 2015 Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change aims to limit global temperature increases to below 2 ° C. Therefore, environmentally friendly and carbon neutral solutions are important directions in industry and homeownership.

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings plays a critical role in Europe's road to carbon neutrality: More than a third of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions come from the use of energy in buildings. The task of increasing energy efficiency has been brought to the fore, but if initially its main goal was to reduce operating costs, now the main focus is on environmental friendliness, environmental protection, and reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

We offer a product that does not “cosmetically”, but actually helps to improve the environmental friendliness of production, reduce heat losses on the part of households, and is also used to impart non-combustible properties to the material to be coated, which is confirmed by the certificates and reviews we have received from our customers.

We offer the world an innovative and environmentally friendly material, at the price of facade paint, the cost of applying which corresponds to the cost of painting. Our own modern production of innovative developments and modifications of heat insulators Bronya, with confirmed numerous tests of all declared physical and thermal parameters, an impressive set of certificates, permits and an unsurpassed team of technical and marketing specialists - this is what distinguishes us, GK VIRTs.

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